Designing for Life

what can I do?

Living my life as sometimes a writer, musician, photographer or architect gives me a broad appreciation of arrangement and a contention of opulent perception. Composition drives me.

As a young lad, I was the kid that unscrewed the door knob. After close scrutiny, I was also the kid that put the door knob back together and returned the screwdriver to the drawer it lived in. I understood how a door knob worked.

Learning is my passion. Understanding brings clarity to the arrangement of objects and people in my life; the collective and the individual.

I suppose the blame and credit has psychological and emotional connections at my roots: parental, family and self. I tend to lean on emotions and psychology whenever I design something. Creativity is just that way, and it seems normal to me anyway. It’s the programmatic creative I like to seek out.


Designing a space or a building is not so much about ‘how does it look?’, and has more to do with ‘how does it feel?’

Where do you arrive? How will you move into a space? How will you walk through a space? What’s on the other side? Have you arrived yet? Space perception and the experience is a very isolated event, it’s just you: the eye of the beholder. Like looking a painting on the wall, it is what it is.

music and film

Designing a room: it is a space; it’s a volume.

Music and film are linear presentations designed for an experience of the senses; it’s a duration.

A film or song is perceived at the exact same time either by an infinite audience, or by you alone. For the infinite audience, everything has equal significance. You sit there and take it, soak it in.  Time is the element of play.

When do we arrive? How long will it take? Does it move you to dance or cry? Are you happy or melancholy? Instead of asking ‘how will you move through a space?’ … the question is ‘how will the music push me through’ and ‘which emotional landscape will it touch?’ The trick is, we don’t necessarily think about all that. It just happens.


Photographing people is the most fun for me. Designing a photograph can be elaborate, or spontaneous. Is it Composing a photograph becomes an instinctual talent or skill. Life happens fast, and the moment is gone. Did you catch that moment?  We all have memories of moments, but a photograph is a memory that can be saved and shared. It never changes. It’s a record and a frozen piece of time.

There is no space, and there is no time. Or is there?

Do I plan a difficult shot with multiple light sources and elaborate decoration?

Do I go click?

Does a photograph exist if no one sees it?


I am God. I create life, passion, experience. I can love. I can kill. Writing is the ultimate freedom: a freedom of thought and expression. I think, therefore it is. Writing has no limits, but once it’s written. The hard part is: will anyone else care?  Do I care if anyone else cares? I can make a point, but can it be delivered in a way that the point is taken.

A novel has duration and can imply sensory perception. Reading is the action that writing creates.

Communication is understanding and sharing. I learned this in COMM 1113 class at the University of Oklahoma.

Does a novel exist if no one reads it?

do my best

Sometimes of the best spaces aren’t even noticed when you’re busy doing something.

Sometimes of the best song isn’t even noticed when you’re busy doing something.

Sometimes of the best photograph is missed by the photographer.  Am I the only one that will ever notice?



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