Big Dumb Buildings Make Their Mark

Big Dumb Buildings

Creativity is alive and well in Norman, Oklahoma. A public display of inspiration, imagination and original concept are usually few and far between, but I found some… the coolest event in recent memory. I feel fortunate to have witnessed it.

The legendary band, Big Dumb Buildings, played host and entertained hundreds of patrons at MAINSITE Contemporary Art, the mothership of the Norman Arts Council.

The event and creative endeavors were subsidized by a kickstarter campaign. What could have been just an ordinary album release party was transformed into a multimedia experience. Funds were gathered, music was recorded, art was created, and the show became spectacular in scope, enjoyment and attendance.

crowd (photo by scott mellgren)

Perhaps more artists should consider collaborative, shared events that are all ages and free to the public. Think beyond yourself, you selfish twit!! Open your mind. I say this in good humor as a call to action for anyone creative!!

Big Dumb Buildings on

(BDB) is an imaginary band, an invention, an amalgamation. It is a product of the minds of longtime friends Gregg Standridge and Brian Eads. It is an exploration of the things they love about music, and is more of an art project – a point of departure for something bigger – than an album. “We want to do something great, and create a fun event for people of all ages!”

I’d say the free-to-the-public-event was a complete success, surprising even the most ambitious dreamers by the amount of people that actually showed to support their efforts on a cold winter Friday evening.

PBS: “This program was made possible by viewers like you. Thank you.”

“It’s great that so many people showed up,” Standridge said as he made his way through the thick crowd in what appeared to be an attempt to personally thank each and every person for being there.

Event information

Friday, January 22nd, from 6 to 9 PM, at MAINSITE Contemporary Art Gallery, 122 E. Main Street in downtown Norman.

The visual artists:

Live music from:

Public links to more Big Dumb Buildings:

Photos from Big Dumb Buildings event:

norman arts council postcard (provided)
art on display (photo by scott mellgren)
mike hosty (photo by scott mellgren)
playing for a crowd (photo by scott mellgren)
crowd (photo by scott mellgren)
danielle tipton and ben carter (photo by laura swan)
jeff richardson, charley reeves, richard haas (photo by scott mellgren)
free t-shirts (photo by scott mellgren)
free t-shirts (photo by scott mellgren)
artwork by medeia starfire (provided)



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