Poliça – Live in norman 2014

The luscious sound from Web of Sunsets saturated the night sky in a nice wave of comfort and joy.

It felt like a gift as I arrived to see Poliça perform their synthpop dynamic melodies… for free on the lawn of OU’s museum of art. A perfect setting for a beautiful evening surrounded by so many music lovers. What I wasn’t expecting was Web of Sunsets…

Package delivery from Minneapolis for my pleasure.

Web of Sunsets set me at ease, instantly.

This needs to be photographed and remembered.

web of sunsets, photo by scott mellgren

One of my best friends, my son and his friends… family and friends everywhere. To feel the love filling the air, the sweet music of Web of Sunset. A dream for sure.

Their luscious ambient dreamscape molded my mood. Nice music by cool people make pretty sounds.

I had a chance to hang out with these guys on the side of the stage, and they were cool people from Minneapolis, here (or hear) in Norman. It was a year and a half ago, September 30, 2014, and I miss these guys of Web of Sunset.

Poliça came on stage…

The evening was more perfect.

The first time I heard them and with a name like Poliça, I totally expected a band from France. It’s the accent cedilla on the Ç… I did have a few years of French in high school and college.

That’s exactly what it sounded like, a euro-fem voice… my favorite. A modern take with synth richness, atmospheric trip hop and those vocals made it alright to see two drummers on stage.

concert crowd, photo by scott mellgren

A unique layout of which I haven’t seen since Butthole Surfers or a Norman band from the early 90’s called Sons of James: two drummers. Sons of James were of the era and sound of Blind Melon, Dinosaur Jr and Jellyfish… with Jellyfish being the closest approximation, in my opinion.

Where Poliça was complicated and technical with a fifth band member keying a macintosh, Web of Sunsets was a simple three-piece with a nod to folk. For all the comparisons I can make, this point is nice contrast: five musicians vs. three musicians. Was it 3/5 better or worse? But, that’s not my point.

This band is from Minneapolis!

I had to keep telling myself this truth because I didn’t believe it. When I first latched onto the euro-fem sound, it was with Blondie, Cranberries, Cardigans and Björk. Since then, I have sought sounds like this: Web of Sunsets and Poliça.

An evening of ambient truth, captured on camera, can be seen on my youtube channel… subscribe for updates.



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