Game of Thrones (TV show) review web series


Game of Thrones review/reaction show by N Mcdonald can be seen on YouTube.

I joined Dr. Mcdonald with some friends to get the habit started. We could only lend cameras, sound and filmmaking expertise. He does it all now, comes up with all the content as he describes in his “About” page:

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My notes on Game of Thrones (HBO TV series). No book spoilers!

I have not read the books –except the first one– so as to avoid TV spoilers nor do I watch any episode trailers.

I avoid watching other reviews until after I have made mine and then only watch a few non-book related ones. So I miss many excellent ones that include book spoilers such as  “A Podcast of Ice and Fire.”

His habit is strong, his tenacity is long, and his content is stellar. Give it up for N Mcdonald!!




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