SQ 777

Farmers already have the right to farm. SQ777 would take away our right to keep Big Ag and foreign interests from polluting our water and our land. Don’t be fooled. Vote NO on 777! www.voteNOon777.com

As reported by the Norman Transcript, when it comes to State Question 777’s ballot language requiring a “compelling state interest,” Farm Bureau President Tom Buchanan told the Norman Chamber of Commerce yesterday that, “I wish that language weren’t in there.”

Question: Then why support this deeply flawed, frankly scary legislation, Farm Bureau?

Now we consider SQ 777, sometimes referred to as either the “Freedom to Farm” or the “Freedom to Harm.” SQ 777 would essentially eviscerate any new state or local regulation of farming in Oklahoma. It bans any new law or regulation prohibiting any previously unrestricted agricultural practice in Oklahoma unless there is a compelling government interest for such new law or regulation. As someone trained in the law, who taught legal studies at the university level for 30 years, a compelling state interest is rarely found by state or federal courts. It would essentially leave agriculature in our state free to do whatever they desire and prohibit reasonable regulations to protect our people or environment by state or local authorities. Giving any industry, group or special interest carte blanche is a bad idea. Only in Oklahoma are uncommonly silly ideas regularly mainstreamed and taken seriously. SQ 777 is an idea whose time has not come and likely never will. Please join me in voting NO on SQ 777!

Roth: Corporate agribusiness and the right to harm






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